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Sponsorship agreements

Sponsorships offer opportunities for brand alignment which can allow your business to do more with less. Get it right with a solid sponsorship agreement.

Terms of Use / Privacy Statements

They make good commercial sense – get ones tailored for your business.

Licence, Location and Artwork Loan Agreements

Make your IP pay with a licence agreement that protects your rights.

IP for small businesses

Domain names, trademark, copyright, business names – it can be confusing! Get actionable advice which suits your budget.

Letter agreements

When a ‘full agreement’ is too legal and scary, get your deal done with a soft touch which still protects your rights.

General Commercial Advice

“What does this indemnity clause mean?” Get practical, actionable legal advice to suit your risk profile.

We’ll do the legal work so you can be creative


I offer fixed fee pricing for discrete assignments such as specific contract negotiations, drafting template agreements, generally with no additional charge for template amendments. I like to conduct initial engagements face-to-face in order to get a better understanding of my client’s business and requirements.

Fixed Fee Engagements

Some engagements are suited to fixed fee arrangements, especially template designs.

1st Hour is Free
(New clients only)

The greater my understanding of your project, the better your outcome will be. This first hour consultation is free so I can gauge your risk profile.

Reasonable Rates

Rates that reflect low overheads

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